Challenge 3 – Get Those Veggies in AKA Avocado Smoothies

On a job in London, an assistant turned up with an avocado smoothie to go with my lunch. Ewww – avocado in a smoothie? I obliged the kid and drank it. It was one of Oprah’s A-HA! moments. Sounds gross but tastes freakin’ delicious. Avocados make smoothies creamy without having to add any dairy!
This whole smoothie kick that the wellness world seems to be on is not without controversy – blending fruits and veggies breaks them down and therefore you take in much more sugar than you normally would. Here’s a good article on the subject.
A smoothie a day does go against my long term goal of only eating whole unprocessed foods. Eating an avocado and a banana is way better than blending it, but right now, an avocado smoothy is convenient and a better choice for me than cocopops or a gilled cheese. I’m doing this challenge to get my vitamin intake up and give me time to plan the next phase of healthy eating. Will you join me?

Challenge 3

Avocado smoothies for breakfast – Duration 2 weeks.

This is my recipe but you really can freestyle until you find what you like best. It’s also good to vary the recipe based on what is in season in your area. The avocado and spinach are important for the nutrients though, so give them a go!

I make them in batches, freezing the fruits and vegetables in separate freezer bags and grab one out daily. I only add the coconut water when my frozen items are in the blender. Freezing is convenient and it also gives the smoothy a nice texture.


1/2 A Ripe Avocado

1 Banana

Handful of Spinach or Kale

Handful of Fresh Pineapple

3 Strawberries

Coconut Water (or plain water if you want to reduce the sugar)

Empty the freezer bag of ingredients into a blender. Add a cup of coconut water and blend till very smooth and creamy.

So this is my breakfast for the next 2 weeks, I will let you know if anything miraculous happens! What are your favourite smoothie recipes?


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  1. Niteshkumar says:

    It’s yummylicious…
    Thank you for this wonderful recipe.
    Also, please visit for more such delicious and mouth-watering recipes at


    1. Those are some really interesting noodle recipes!

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