Challenge 1 – The Sanctuary

So I begin with my short term goal of being thinner, healthier, richer with a less-cluttered house life by Christmas.

I need to create space in order to manifest the rich, gorgeous and obscenely happy lady I will become. There is too much craziness in my life to go all-in gung-ho sport, financial, diet all at once, first things first, I need to create a sanctuary. Apparently it will help me clear my thoughts and feel worthy and create room for good things.

Challenge 1

De-clutter the house.


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Mine will be more like Life-Changing Grunt Work to Get My House Shit Free

I read Marie Kondo’s book and it really inspired me, the problem was, I read  it on the tram to and from work. By the time I had enough free time to try and implement some if the ideas, I had lost my mojo. And now I have had time to reflect on the Konmari method, I realise the lady might have a few issues. In case you’ve missed the hype, check out Marie Kondo’s book here.



One thing that did stick was the method she touts to let things go:

Group your things and go through them one by one, asking yourself if the item sparks joy. If there is no joy to be had from said thing, you will know it’s time to part with it.

For the more sober of you that might sound weird enough but I like how the method really gets you thinking about things item by item. It’s the next bit I have issues with. She doesn’t really fully explain how to get rid of the stuff and a lot of the anecdotes are about throwing stuff away. I can’t gel with that. I can definitely trash things that are no longer good to use or be enjoyed, but I do not like throwing away good things for environmental and economic reasons.

So for me the de-cluttlering will be a bit slower.

So far I have put some shoes and clothes and books on facebook sell groups and listed some things online. I have priced the stuff to sell as the danger of this is having the things hanging around and losing the mojo again. So far I have made €22 , small-change but that isn’t the point. The point is to create space to be able to manifest new, healthier and more awesome things.

Kondo recommends demands that you make the whole thing an event and doing it in one fowl swoop. I would like to but I have a husband, a kid ,a dog and a house full of crap so this challenge is going to make me at least two weeks – I will keep you updated. Are you going to take the challenge?

Here is the revised, abridged and adapted challenge I will follow – Duration 2 weeks.

Go through every room in the house and identify things that don’t spark joy. Kondo says you must do things in groups but I bet Kondo doesn’t have 4 stories. I will go room by room.

  • Sell anything you can and put the money aside for investing (more on that later) – try EBAY or Facebook groups to sell things but keep in mind it is work to post and have people come and pick stuff up. If it doesn’t sell before the 2 weeks get rid of it to charity.
  • Throw away anything that is no longer usable. Donate useful items to charity.


We should be left with only your most cherished, joy-giving, useful belongings, we need to lovingly find places for them – this apparently will make us feel great and be a great foundation for new challenges.

Okay, I am off to tackle my kid’s room. Let me know how you go!



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