Eat Like an Animal – The Path to Obscene Health and Happiness

Eat like an animal. Why is this blog called Eat like an animal?

Initially I wanted to share my learnings on food and nutrition but then I fell into a deep black hole. A black hole full of nightly glasses bottles of wine, late nights, no exercise, empty carbs, a dress size up and more recently smoking.

I’ve been supremely healthy in my life but now I’m in the other side, a fat highly functioning alcohol-dependent but redeemable creature.

So while this blog will indeed cover all the good things I learned about food and health, it will also be a record of my steps back to the person I’d like to be, Heidi Klum 🙂

I have read all the books, been to the detoxes in Thailand and Portugal and once been so adept in yoga that I could sit on my own shoulders. Now it’s time for me to reclaim my life. Will you join me? I’m no expert but we can share our findings. Take what you want and leave what you don’t.
So welcome to Eat Like an Animal, a step by step journey back to a healthy and happy life.


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